Auto Transport Guide: shipping, loading, delivery

Car shipping arrangements in the Internet


Rather then going on a lead provider’s website to ask for a quote, use any of the search engines of hartford movers to find the right service for you! In other words, use specific keywords like car shipping door to door or “vehicle shipping terminal to terminal” etc. Asking for a quote on a lead provider’s website might give you comparison but then your phone is going to ring off the hook and you are going to go nuts! Every single carrier or broker that particular lead provider sold the lead to will try to convince you that they have the best deal for you! After about two hundred calls you wish you would never had internet connection. So, choose about 2-3 companies you feel comfortable with and call them directly. You can choose a carrier or you can choose a broker. If you choose a carrier, you might have limited options based on that particular carrier’s availability. Choosing a broker, means that they are actually have to find you the proper carrier who is going to do the job. At least you don’t have to deal with hundreds of calls! Let them work for their money. Make sure the broker is at least a 4 star rated one.

Car shipping duration


Make sure everything happens in real-time! If your sales person tells you that it takes anywhere from seven to 18 days to have your car delivered cross country, forget about that company! There is no way a driver would need more than seven days to cross the country unless he is driving from Florida to Alaska! Once your car was picked up, it should not take longer then seven days to have your car delivered (unless there is a mechanical issue during the transit or, mother nature would just simply be upset with you…

Personal items


Once you chose the company you felt most comfortable with, ask them to call you at least 24 hours prior to picking your unit up! That makes you enough time to prepare the vehicle for shipping. According to the DOT regulation, you are not allowed to ship personal items inside your vehicle! However, there are carriers who would allow you to put some things up to 50 lbs (depending on the carrier’s policy). Keep in mind that those items are not going to be insured and the driver will not be responsible for them!

Inspection report prior shipping


Make sure to not release the car without a proper inspection report made at time of pick-up! It is called a Bill of Lading (BOL) the driver must fill out at time of pick-up! Make sure to keep a copy of it! That will show the eventual damages which were on the vehicle prior to pick-up! Same thing if you buy the car on Ebay or from an auction or private party! That BOL will show the actual condition of the vehicle! At delivery you can compare the actual condition of your vehicle shown on the BOL! If there were any damages, mark them on the BOL and have the driver sign it! If he does not want to sign it, simply tell him that you are not going to accept the vehicle in that condition! Once you accepted the vehicle with damages, you admitted that the damages were there at time of pick-up! You don’t necessarily want to do that. I know it seems to be a lot and complicated, but it’s not. If you think it over a little bit and do a little homework, you can have a pleasant experience and eventually save some money as well.